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Woman reveals how she uses GRAPEFRUIT halves to clean her bath – and it leaves it smelling amazing


A MUM has shared her tip for getting your bathtub sparkling clean using a grapefruit – and it will leave the room smelling amazing.

TikTok user aligrams3 shared the hack on her account, revealing all you will need is a grapefruit and some sugar.


A woman has shared her very simple tip for cleaning the bathroom using a grapefruit[/caption]

She begins by taking a piece of grapefruit and sprinkling sugar on the fleshy side of the fruit.

The mum then begins scrubbing away at the inside of the bath, adding “the acidity helps remove the soap scum!”

She then runs the water from the taps, allowing any stickiness and citrus debris to go down the plug hole.

Captioning her video, she adds: “My favorite part is the smell! Makes ur bathroom smell so good afterwards!”

Her video has now received hundreds of likes from fellow cleaning fanatics, grateful for the tip.


Cover the grapefruit in sugar so that it acts like a srcub[/caption]


The acidity from the fruit helps to remove soap scum from the bath[/caption]


The end result will leave your bathroom smelling delicious[/caption]

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