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Who is Playboy Bunny and doctor Danielle Lupo?


DANIELLE “Dani” Lupo is a Playmate and an aspiring doctor.

Dani splits her time between hospital wards and the Playboy club in New York City.

Danielle Lupo

Danielle ‘Dani’ Lupo splits her time between the hospital and the club[/caption]

Danielle Lupo

The coronavirus pandemic has temporarily closed the Playboy bunny venue[/caption]

She used to swap her stethoscope for a bunny tail before the coronavirus lockdown temporarily closed the club.

But who is Dani and how did she end up being both a Playboy bunny and a future medic?

Who is Danielle Lupo?

Dani is a 24-year-old Playmate from New Jersey, who started out as a dental assistant.

The ambitious bunny said experiencing a bad car accident ignited her interest in medicine.

She graduated from pre-medical school last year and is currently looking at medical schools and doctoral programs.

Dani is currently dating tattoo artist Jon Boy, who she met at the Playboy club.

A self-described feminist, she disagrees with Playboy’s sexist image and thinks it “celebrates” women.

“We should be highlighting the fact that I’m a model and I’m smart,” she told Fabulous Digital.

“Even though I’m going to be a doctor one day I can still show my body and feel comfortable in my own skin.”

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What is Danielle’s day job?

Dani works as a cardiographic technician, helping doctors to diagnose cardiovascular problems.

She measures the electricity of patients’ heart and analyzes its functions in this role.

The minimum requirement to be one is a high school diploma but CCTs have to take a Certified Cardiographic Examination.

The salary for a position like this is usually under $29,000, so Dani decided to set temperatures rising elsewhere.

She told Fabulous Digital being a Playmate is great money on the side, saying she has the “best of both worlds.”

Before the virus shut down NYC, Dani would ensure her homework was in on time before commuting from New Jersey to the Big Apple.

“It was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything,” she said. “I’m glad that I could find balance in both aspects of my life because I wouldn’t want to give up either one honestly.”

Dani has been helping out at the hospital during the virus outbreak.

Danielle Lupo

Playmate Danielle works as a cardiographic technician by day[/caption]

When did she start working at New York’s Playboy club?

Dani shot with a photographer for international Playboy in 2017 before appearing in other features.

While she was studying, Dani began working at the famous bunny club, which opened in 2018.

The hotspot, which boasts swanky lounges, a speakeasy, and Bunnies, is currently closed due to COVID-19.

“I had a lot of fun doing a bunch of different shoots and I got into multiple international Playboy issues,” Dani said.

“That was really cool, I was dressing up at night and going to school and working at the hospital [during the day].

“I looked at it as two part time jobs that would fill my schedule, I guess you could say they contradicted each other.

“The medical field is super conservative and Playboy is obviously free and liberating.”

Danielle Lupo

She said being a Bunny is ‘liberating’[/caption]

Why does she use a different name for her full nude pictorial?

Dani is mindful that her career choices now may impact her future as a doctor and has taken precautions.

She used a pseudonym in her full nude pictorial in Czech Republic because she doesn’t want people Googling it when she becomes a doctor.

Her family also harbor concerns about her Playmate status and her mom is not a big fan of it.

“My mom is focused on telling people her daughter works at the hospital and leaving out the modeling part and some conservative friends have their concerns about Playboy,” she said.

Dani endeavors to be professional at work and has a “Clark Kent thing going on,” Fox News reported.

She goes to hospital makeup-free, wearing glasses, and works “twice as hard to beat the stigma and stereotype.”


But Dani also revealed that her boyfriend often struggles with her line of work at the club and gets jealous.

“He has to understand that there’s going to be certain attention on me and not to get jealous or feel insecure,” she told Fabulous. “But it’s human.

She is hoping to use her platform for good as she pursues a career in the medical and health field.

Danielle Lupo

She used a different name for her full nude pictorial in Czech Republic[/caption]

Danielle Lupo

Dani shot with a photographer for international Playboy in 2017 and appeared in multiple features[/caption]

Danielle Lupo

Dani said her mom isn’t happy about her job at the Bunny club[/caption]


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