When will restaurants open again in the UK?

RESTAURANTS are coming back July 4 now that the two metre social distancing rule is being reduced.

The government has announced that restaurants and pubs will have to obey social distancing guidelines, but other wise we’re good to go.

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When will restaurants reopen?

According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the third phase of easing will begin July 4.

This phase will include the reopening of restaurants, after an announcement on March 20 forced them to shut.

Although the majority of eateries have remained open for takeaway during lockdown or have already opened, there is no solid plan for the official reopening.

Hospitality service providers are part of the last phase as part of the government’s lockdown exit plan.

In April, Tory peer Lord Gadhia and GlaxoSmithKline chairman Sir Jonathan Symonds urged the government to open restaurants in order to revive the economy, which has seen a downturn following the coronavirus crisis.

Restaurants without outdoor seating will have to pay £300 in order to obtain a licence
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Restaurants without outdoor seating will have to pay £300 in order to obtain a license[/caption]

How will social distancing work?

To be able to open, restaurants will have to adhere to Public Health England’s guidelines on social distancing in order to curtail the spread of coronavirus.

Plans for some restaurants to obtain a licence for outdoor seating is currently being considered.

The extra space for outdoor seating will make it easier to enforce social distancing measures.

Experts and stakeholders have offered a range of ways to ensure restaurants do not flout the measures including ordering at tables using mobile phones and services provided by video and text.

Charlie Anderson, owner of two restaurants in Cambridge, Ta Bouche and La Raza, said: “Whenever we are allowed to re-open, social distancing is going to be key, so what these guys have created is essential and ticks the boxes for us to be able to open again.”

Do restaurants need to have an outdoor area to reopen?

Restaurants who already have allocated outdoor seating were given guidance on reopening by the Government from June 1.

Restaurants which do not have outdoor seating licence had to pay £300 to acquire one.

It was hoped that the introduction of outdoor seating would enable restaurants to operate and get hospitality workers back at work.

Drive-thru’s and takeaway shops have also been open in June.


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