When is Father’s Day in 2020 in the UK?

SONS and daughters will get to show their appreciation for their dads and father figures as they celebrate Father’s Day.

Having already had Mother’s Day this year, it is the dads’ turn in receiving thanks, cards and gifts for their impact on us this year.

Father's Day will fall on June 21 in the UK
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Father’s Day will fall on June 21 in the UK[/caption]

When is Father’s Day 2020?

Father’s Day is a worldwide celebration.

In the UK, it falls on the third Sunday of June each year, following Mother’s Day in March.

In 2020 the third Sunday is June 21.

It was created as a way of showing appreciation to fathers all around the world and has gained much popularity with millions of people marking the day.

When did Father’s Day begin in the UK?

In Europe, the idea to celebrate fatherhood dates back to 1508.

It is thought to have Pagan roots.

It evolved to what is now known as Father’s Day in order to celebrate men as there was already a Mother’s Day.

The idea was then introduced to other parts of the world and even recognised as a national holiday in certain jurisdictions.

Although the UK does not enjoy the same, the day is one of the most widely celebrated and anticipated in the country.

Father's Day is widely celebrated across the UK in a number of ways
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Father’s Day is widely celebrated across the UK in a number of ways[/caption]

How is Father’s Day celebrated?

Father’s Day is celebrated in a number of ways.

Some people choose to visit and spend time with their father, while others decide to shower them with gifts and cards.

People who cannot be together with their fathers also call them in order to let them know they are being thought of on the day.

This may be the best option for those who have elderly fathers as the government has advised older people to shield in order to avoid the coronavirus.

Young children also give handmade cards and gifts in a show of appreciation.

For others in the UK, throwing a lavish party for their fathers is their own special way of showing them how much they are loved.

Making and eating breakfast with their fathers is seen as an annual tradition.

The celebration of Father’s Day is not only limited to biological fathers as stepdads, in-laws, and anyone who has been a father figure can be honoured on the day.

Some people will choose to shower their fathers with gifts
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Some people will choose to shower their fathers with gifts[/caption]

What are some gift ideas for Father’s Day?

Although just a simple phone call is enough, some people like to mark the day by saluting their fathers with gifts in tow.

As a result of the lockdown, non-essential shops have been ordered to close so you may have to resort to buying your Father’s Day gifts online.

Give plenty of time for delivery as the crisis has affected delivery of items bought online.

Knowing your father’s personality, likes and dislikes is key to finding a gift he will cherish.

These can be in the form of a gadget or even something to do with his favourite sport, team or hobby.

Being familiar with his favourite scent can enable you to get a cologne he will love.

You can also buy a watch or other jewellery with an engraved personal message.

If your father is a fan of tea, a customised mug with a picture of the family  can be a big hit.

You can also go the fashion route by buying some clothes you know he will love.

Or if he likes a special beverage then alcohol can always hit the mark.

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