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What it takes to be Queen's best friend: Inside relationship with Princess Alexandra


Princess Alexandra, 83, is the Queen’s cousin. While she made not be the most high profile member of the working Royal Family, she is key. In fact, fans who keep their eyes peeled will notice Princess Alexandra at the Queen’s side for many royal events.

The Royal Family website says of her: “She is patron or president of over 100 organisations which reflect her wide-ranging interests, from the arts to health care.”

Princess Alexandra, also known as The Honourable Lady Ogilvy, was only sixth in line to the throne when she was born. Now, she is 53rd.

She is close to the Queen in a number of ways. Elizabeth II’s father and mother George VI and Queen Elizabeth where her godparents as well as her uncle and aunt.

Alexandra was a bridesmaid of the Queen when she married Prince Philip in 1947.

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“Both women look relaxed here as they arrive to do the room, but Alexandra’s clasped hands and her often watchful eye-gaze suggests she’s very ably choreographing the double act to ensure she is protocol-wary and a very small step behind as they make their entrance.”

Protocol is important to the Queen as a member of the Royal Family.

With another family member who was born into the role, the Duchess allows the Queen to relax.

Judi said: “(Alexandra’s) wide smile has the effect or relaxing guests as well as HRH and the co-ordinating outfits add a touch of ‘two peas from the same pod’.”

Women can be members, but they are referred to as Ladies Companion while male members are called Knights Companion.

Prince Philip is a member, as is Princess Anne. Prince Andrew is a member, as is Prince Edward.

Baroness Margaret Thatcher was also a member.

It is not known exactly why the Queen has chosen to exclude Kate Middleton, but it is notable that while her children are members none of their partners are.


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