Wannabe bride makes sign moaning she’s been waiting for a proposal for 6 years & is slammed for being ‘petty & pathetic’

A WANNABE bride has been branded ‘petty and pathetic’ for making a sign moaning about how long she’s gone without a proposal.

The furious girlfriend has decided to drop massive hints, by leaving signs all over the house she appears to share with her other half. 

Tik Tok

One wannabe bride decided to make a sign moaning about how long she’s gone without a proposal[/caption]

She used a lightbox to make her point, which starts off saying ‘2279 days not engaged’.

It works out to just under six years and three months, but after her boyfriend doesn’t get the message she starts updating the counter. 

And she puts the sign in different places around the house – presumably to get her boyfriend’s attention – even leaving it in front of him while he played video games. 

She starts keeping track and changes it to say ‘2281 days’, ‘2294 days’ and ‘2305 days’.

Tik Tok

She starts counting at 2279 days – more than six years [/caption]

Tik Tok

She starts leaving the sign around the house in the hopes her boyfriend sees it[/caption]

With no proposal in sight, the sign gets a revamp to say ‘2318 days still not engaged’, before the clip ends on ‘2330 days’.

Her Tik Tok video went viral and was shared to Facebook, where hundreds of women commented on the sign. 

People have claimed it’s a sure fire way to never get a proposal, with the stunt branded ‘sad’. 

Tik Tok

She even leaves it in front of the telly while he’s playing video games[/caption]

Tik Tok

The counter finally ends of 2330 days, longer than six-and-a-quarter years[/caption]

One person said: “Ew imagine trying to pressure someone to marry you lol.”

Another wrote: “Imagine being this petty lol.”

A third thought: “Honestly no wonder he hasn’t yet lol. The amount of spite, pressuring and free time displayed here.”

Someone else commented: “That’s so disgusting lol.”

Tik Tok

She even updates the sign to say ‘still not engaged’[/caption]

This person snapped: “This is so cringe… the second hand embarrassment is real.”

Another said: “Idk, this is pathetic.”

While somebody else added: “Just for this I hope he never proposes to her.”

Hundreds of women commented on the sign branding it ‘sad’ and ‘pathetic’

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