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Vikings season 6: Will Bishop Heahmund return in final series?

He said: “Heahmund is only a footnote in history – there was no precedent to have his character continue.

“The nature of the character and his intensity means that he is much like a Roman candle: it must shine bright, have its effect and leave.

“The death scene was filmed in the snow and bitter cold in a rather enclosed field, and of course these scenes must be very intense and quite mechanical to shoot as we are dealing with arrows, but it does have a fluidity in its manifestation of the circumstances and consequences of his death and what it means for Lagertha.”

He added: “Heahmund is such an extreme character that he had to die and he had to die heroically in battle.”

Fans have taken to Reddit and Twitter to share their love for Bishop Heahmund.

One fan wrote: “I personally loved the character, even though he had more potential and deserved more screen time. “Say what you will about him, but his death is one of the most beautiful, tragic and poetic moments of the show.”

A second fan said: “Loved this dude. The romance story with Lagertha was poor but everything else about him was at least entertaining. A show set in this time period needed a ‘holy warrior’ type.”

A third viewer said: “I’ve been so sad since Athelstan died. Finally another hero I can get behind.

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