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UK weather forecast – Britain set to be warmer than Majorca next week with 32C making it the hottest day of the year


BRITAIN will be hotter than Majorca next week as thunderstorms fizzle out and a tropical heatwave sweeps in from the south.

Temperatures could top 90F (32C) as warmer winds blow in from Europe — marking a return to wall-to-wall sunshine.

Wednesday could be the hottest day of the year so far
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The weather will arrive just days after snow fell in West Midlands[/caption]

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And there’s been heavy rain and thunderstorms this week too[/caption]

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But temperatures will soar next week[/caption]

Bookies reckon we could be in for our hottest summer day yet.

The expected heatwave brings to a close a freak weather week in which violent lightning storms have set homes on fire and caused others to collapse.

Experts say the south could see 32C (90F) by midweek — 30C (86F) elsewhere — beating Majorca’s 29C (84F)  and Athens at 30C.

Met Office forecaster John Griffiths explained: “The jet stream is becoming more active.

“It will bring southerly and south-westerly winds allowing warmer plumes of air to come up from continental Europe through the week.

“There will also be warmer weather for the north and Scotland, although it will not be as reliable as in the south.”

Next week’s temperature rises will follow a mixed weekend with plenty of sun and showers.

Brits are again expected to flock to parks and beaches where they will once more be required to observe two-metre social distancing rules.

The heatwave triggered Coral to slash the odds of this summer being the hottest on record to 1-2.

Spokesman Harry Aitkenhead said: “We’re headed for a heatwave and we think that this summer is going to be sweltering.

“We make it odds-on to be our hottest ever.

“Last year saw us move from 38.5C to 38.7C as the hottest temperature ever recorded in the UK and another rise is on the cards.

“We think we’re headed for 39C (102F) for the first time.”

The warmest weather seen so far this year was 28.9 degrees in May, which hit Scotland’s Dawyck Botanic Garden.

Saturday, this year’s Summer Solstice, is due to be mainly sunny and fairly warm, but rain showers will cover most of the country through the night.

Meteorologist Emma Salter said the whole country will experience wet and windy weather overnight, although rain is unlikely to last more than a few hours in one place.

Sunday will also be warm and sunny in many areas.

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There’ll be a welcome break from the rain next week[/caption]


There’s been heavy downpours for much of the week[/caption]

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Many areas have even seen thunder and lightning[/caption]

But a ‘tropical plume’ will sweep in soon


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