Tories must axe Human Rights Act and start deporting more foreign criminals

Rights wrong

FOR years Governments have vowed to deport more foreign criminals. This one must act.

So many previous massacres should have been the last straw. Home Secretary Priti Patel must ensure the Reading horror is just that.

PA:Press Association

Priti Patel must ensure the Reading terror attack was the last of its kind[/caption]

Her new Foreign National Offenders Bill is one step. But until the Tories axe the Human Rights Act, and prevent courts or campaigners using it to trump elected politicians, we won’t get far.

And when judges are so liberal they cut a criminal’s sentence and free him while admitting he is “aggressive and unpredictable”, the system is broken.

The Tories must scrap the HRA and if need be pull out of the European Convention on Human Rights.

It will not herald a general assault on rights, whatever the Left pretends.

It will merely rebalance them in favour of the public, away from those who wish us harm.

Those killed in Reading had rights too.

We’ll toast that

OUR July 4 Covid “independence day” should of course be a massive celebration.

So let’s all raise a glass in a pub . . . after giving our names, addresses and mobile numbers to the staff before we sit back-to-back at a table screened off from the next by Perspex.

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Let’s not be too critical about the new normal at our pubs[/caption]

Don’t get us wrong. The Sun is right behind getting our pubs and restaurants open. We just fear they’ll have become such alien, impersonal places.

Keeping a one-metre distance, minimising physical contact, wearing masks more routinely and ventilating the pub as much as possible would surely restore a more normal experience safely but without wrecking a venue’s atmosphere.

But let’s not be too critical. If we can see more of our friends and family from Saturday week, fantastic. If shielders can be liberated, magnificent. If we can go to the cinema again, superb.

And if the pubs can reopen, brilliant — however they need to look for now.

A pint is a pint.

Get kids back

OUR kids should already be back in school.

They ARE in France, where ten million were ordered to return on Monday by a President brooking no argument.

PA:Press Association

Keeping our schools closed as other nations have reopened them is a betrayal to our children[/caption]

Emmanuel Macron binned the distancing rules and just told pupils to stay apart as much as possible. That is pure common-sense, given how little impact Covid has on children and how little they seem to spread it.

We remain crippled by teaching unions, reluctant parents, over-rigid and increasingly dubious limits on class sizes and distancing and a timid Education Secretary in Gavin Williamson.

Labour’s Lord Blunkett says we could still get three full weeks in before summer, and we should. But while in France they reckon “every day counts”, we’re hoping to patch things up in September.

What a betrayal of our children.

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