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This Morning: Holly Willoughby replaced by Davina McCall in last minute presenter shake-up

This Morning’s usual presenter duo was missing Holly Willoughby today, instead Davina McCall stepped in to present the show. Philip Schofield then revealed where his resident ITV co-host was and why she was absent from presenting duties today. 

Phillip opened the show by pointing out that the seat next to him was filled by someone different than usual. 

Instead of Holly, Davina was announced as today’s co-host as Holly was busy spending time with her young children. 

“Hiya, welcomed to a new week on This Morning,” he introduced before turning to Davina and gasping in shock.

Davina said: “Hi, I’m here,” and Phillip remarked: “Nice to see you.”

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“Holly’s doing something lovely today,” she added and Phillip explained: “ “Holly is taking her children to school today.

“They’re all going back today and it’s a staggered affair so quite complicated,” he revealed. 

“And I would imagine houses up and down the country quite high emotional but yes she’s taking the kids to school, as she should.”

“Good mummy, very good mummy,” Davina shared. 

Phillip then discussed the experience of presenting alongside Davina: “It’s lovey to see you, we’ve never done this together, have we?“ 

“No I don’t think we have done it together,” Davina agreed.

“We would have remembered,” Phillip said and his co-host added: “We would have remembered that, wouldn’t we?”

“I’ve been a guest, I’ve pranced around, I’ve shaken my bottom in your face,” Davina remarked. 

“Social distancing, can’t do that now,” Phillip quipped. “How are you feeling, you okay?”

“I’m very nervous but I’ll just follow you, you know what you’re doing, you’ve done it before it’s okay,” she replied.

“Anyone who watches this regularly might disagree with that,” Phillip joked. 

This Morning viewers were pleased to see Davina on the sofa and took to Twitter to comment. 

One said: “Aw lovely to see Davina McCall on #ThisMorning,” and another shared: “Great to see the amazing @ThisisDavina looking fabulous as always.”

However, others were disappointed to learn Holly would be missing from today’s show. 

One said: “Ah not Davina, turns over #ThisMorning,” and second added: “Why the f*** is Davina presenting #ThisMorning?! Where’s Holly?!”

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10am.


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