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The One Show host Chris Ramsey recalls 'awkward and horrible' moment with Alex Jones

Since Matt Baker’s departure from The One Show earlier this year, host Alex Jones has been presenting the magazine series with a host of guest hosts and tonight saw former Strictly Come Dancing star Chris join her on the iconic green sofa. As they opened the show and exclaimed how nice it was to see each other again, Chris recalled an “awkward and horrible” moment with the mother-of-two.

Chris began: “Hello and welcome to The One Show with Alex Jones,” before Alex continued: “And with me all week, lovely to have him back, it’s Chris Ramsey.”

“Lovely to be here!” exclaimed Chris. “So happy to be here!”

Alex replied: “Oh I am so happy, I have’t seen you since the very beginning of lockdown.”

“Yeah it was the Friday before lockdown,” Chris reminded his co-host.

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