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The 'maternal' gesture Kate and Meghan have in common – but one has 'less inhibitions'


Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have similar body language tendencies, although Meghan’s are slightly less inhibited by royal protocol, according to a body language expert. Judi James spoke exclusively to about where the Duchess and Princess sit in terms of public displays of affection.

Although both royal women are tactile and loving wives to their royal spouses, one royal takes the cake when it comes to PDA, claimed the expert.

Judi told “Meghan famously has less inhibitions about defining her relationship with Harry.

“If they are not touching, hugging or holding hands in public she can often be seen instigating signals of touch and affection.”

One example of the couple’s willingness to partake in public displays of affection was at the Invictus Games 2020 Opening Ceremony, which took place on April 16, 2022.

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Meghan introduced Harry to the stage and before she went back to her seat the pair shared a sweet kiss.

He then started off his speech by thanking Meghan – “my love” before welcoming everybody to the opening ceremony.

Kate and William, however, have not always been so open with their public displays of affection, although they are relaxing more into it nowadays, according to Judi.

She claimed: “Kate has become more relaxed about her PDAs with William recently but her background with him was, again, inhibited by royal protocols.”


This meant that a “lack of touch, hugs or hand-holding” was “the norm”.

While both Harry and Will are royal, the circumstances and protocols are different, with William being the future King and Harry stepping down as a working royal officially from March 2020.

However, Meghan and Kate do share one gesture that they use to express affection and support towards their husbands.

Judi observed: “Both Kate and Meghan share their love of small back touches or pats that can often look like gestures of almost maternal reassurance and affection for their husbands.”

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She noted that this is a “much more spontaneous and sustained trait for Meghan than it is for Kate”.

Just the other day, however, Kate was spotted doing this gesture confidently, placing her hand on the small of William’s back at The Earthshot Prize.

In conversation with about this “steering gesture”, Judi said it “suggests she is becoming the central strength of both her own family and the royal firm”.

This affectionate gesture is not the only one the Duchess and Princess share, according to the expert.

“Meghan and Kate share some very similar body language traits, like the signature hair touching at the side of the face that will display wedding and engagement rings, as well as being a preening ritual.”

Not only this, the “exaggerated elegance of their regal sitting positions with the back upright and the diagonal slant of the legs” – coined “the Duchess slant” – is a pose they both observe.

Kate and Meghan are also natural in public, even expertly ditching a key accessory which highlights their confidence.

Judi said: “Both women increasingly appear now as independent units using confident body language displays when they are promoting their own causes, with the lack of any handbag to create a barrier and with their arms hanging down at their sides.”




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