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Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra thanks his ‘beautiful’ mom on Father’s Day and claims dad ‘chose drugs over his children’


TEEN MOM star Tyler Baltierra celebrated his ‘beautiful’ mom on Father’s Day and claimed that his dad ‘chose drugs over his kids.’

Fans of the show will know that Butch has been battling with drug and alcohol addiction.

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Tyler took to Instagram to celebrate his mom on Father’s Day[/caption]

Tyler wished his mom a happy Father’s Day

Tyler, 28, took to Instagram on Sunday to celebrate his mother during Father’s Day in a lengthy post.

“I just want to say Happy Father’s Day to one of the strongest, most influential people in my life … my mom,” he shared.

“I did not have the luxury of having my dad around since he decided to choose drugs over his children, but my mom NEVER gave up on us kid.

“She always put her children first no matter what.”


Tyler thanked his mom, Kimberly Forbes, for being great at both roles[/caption]

The father of three girls went on to detail a time when his mom didn’t eat so she could buy food for him and his sister Amber.

“She later told me as an adult that she bounced the check to pay for us to eat,” he explained.

He continued to diss his father – whose real name is Darl: “I had to teach myself how to be a man, but my mother taught me how to treat a woman.”


Tyler and his sister have tried to make amends with their dad[/caption]

“Mom, I love you more than you will ever know. You are the best mom and the best dad I could have asked for.

“You took on both roles in our house and you had the hardest job on the plant raising us all on your own.

“I commend your courage, I honor your sacrifices and I want you to always know how loved, appreciated, and outstanding you are.

“You’re one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever met and I’m beyond blessed to be your son,” he concluded.

Michigan Department of Corrections

Butch was arrested in early June[/caption]

After years of trying, Tyler and Butch don’t have a relationship due to the distance between them and to his father’s choices when it comes to alcohol and drugs.

Earlier this month, his father was arrested over unclear charges in Flint, Michigan.

For one of his charges, his bond had been set at $4,964, according to county records.

For the other, it appeared that he had no bond offered.


Butch has yet to meet the couple’s youngest daughter[/caption]

The last time fans of Teen Mom OG heard of Butch was when he missed the birth of his grandchild, Vaeda, which caused a rift.

He was short on money, reported Us at the time, so Tyler offered to pay to fly him out.

Butch – who was actually married to Catelynn’s mom for some years – then stopped responding to their text messages, and he wouldn’t let them know if he was coming or not.

At the time, Tyler said: “Maybe it’s just really not that important to him.

“Isn’t it crazy to choose drugs over your kids, too. Isn’t it crazy to want to go to prison over being there [for them]?”

Butch told the group in the MTV special: “It’s not like I don’t want to meet my granddaughter, it’s not like that.”

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler are parents to daughters Carolyn, 11 – who they gave up in adoption – Novalee, 5, and Vaeda, 1.


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