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Summer solstice 2020: Solstice spells and rituals to observe on longest day of the year


The summer solstice is the year’s longest day, the beginning of summer, and an annual occasion steeped in pagan tradition. And though the additional daylight may seem like an excuse to indulge in a soiree, remember a solstice is an ideal occasion to set intentions and plan for the rest of the year.

Emily Mikaelah, a US-based energy healer said: “The summer solstice is honoured in several ancient cultures as the union between heaven and earth.

“As we emerge out of the spring – where we were in a period of renewal, birthing new ideas, and shedding the icy layers of the shadow months.

“We slowly grow into summer, a time of manifestation and the ripening of the fruit.”

Here are just a few of the ways to celebrate the change of solstice season in a meaningful way.

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Lisa Lister, a third-generation witch, suggests this spell for protection, healing, empowering and revitalising.

Create a pouch for psychic dreams, add the visionary herb mugwort and bay leaves, often associated with the Sun.

Add this concoction to a piece of yellow Sun-coloured material and sew this up with red thread – a colour associated with action and fire.

The resulting package should then be placed under your pillow.

Ms Lister said: “This is one of my Nanna’s spells.

“I know this one works. I’ve done it myself, and I still do it.”

Some pagan traditions recommend creating a cordial with elderflowers or a cocktail infused with the petals.

Elderflowers are traditionally associated with the summer solstice because they are in the peak bloom in many parts of the world at this time.

New York’s Alchemist’s Kitchen recommends creating a soothing elixir using chamomile.

Brew chamomile tea and add a dash of cinnamon and ginger.

Once the tea is cooled, simply serve the drink over ice.

The team also suggests including some oil of gold drops “to really make it magical.”

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One of the most authentic ways to experience the summer solstice is to wake up early.

Watching the Sun come up is considered to be a powerful reminder of nature’s cycles, which is all too often taken for granted.

Lisa Levine of the Maha Rose healing centre said: “Wake up early with the Sun. Watch her rise.

“When the Sun is low in the sky, you can stare into her.

“Fill your eyes and your body with her light.”

However, you should avoid looking directly at the Sun without protective eyewear.

The summer solstice also acts as a timely reminder to express gratitude for your life.

Ms Levine said: “Give thanks for the Sun, for the light of the Sun, for the life that comes from the Sun.

“Write the Sun a love letter: ‘Thank you, light, for the life you give to the plants, the animals, and to me.’ Next, show gratitude to yourself, too.”

Ms Mikaelah agrees, adding: “Take the time to honour your own inner light and its expansion over your shadows, and hold gratitude for your recent journey.

“Remembering that honouring the quiet times of transition in between is just as valuable to our self-care as doing the work, and that not every flower in the garden blooms at the same time.”


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