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Stomach bloating: The herbal supplement proven to relieve tummy swelling


Stomach bloating can be attributed to a number of causes but a buildup of gas is the primary culprit. When too much gas fills up your digestive tract, it finds extra capacity in your belly. While this is the digestive system’s natural way of accommodating wind, the results can be painful.

Although the precise mechanism is unknown, research suggests its antimicrobial capacity may be responsible.

One test-tube study revealed that caraway essential oil blocked the growth of harmful gut bacteria while leaving beneficial bacteria untouched.

These good bacteria have been shown to produce nutrients, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and support your immune health.

Another test-tube study found that caraway extract fought H. pylori, a bacterium known to cause stomach ulcers and digestive inflammation.

According to Skypala, allergy is unlikely to be the culprit, but bread-related symptoms are real, and wheat could be to blame.

“Some people find certain foods are simply hard to digest, and wheat appears to be one of those,” she explained.

If you have bloating or other minor symptoms after eating bread, for example, Dr Skypala recommended trying an elimination diet.

“This is where you completely cut out wheat from your diet for four weeks, then gradually bring it back in to see if symptoms reappear,” she said.


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