Steph McGovern addresses moment she was branded a 't**t’ by TV boss 'Didn't have a clue'

She shocked her co-stars by revealing she was branded a “t*rt” by her boss at the time after her self-chosen outfit was deemed inappropriate.

Steph revealed: “My first ever day I was on breakfast tele, everyone thinks there’s a wardrobe department which helps you with everything and there isn’t.

“I got this brightly coloured dress from Topshop and a pair of cracking heels from New Look and basically, my boss was like, ‘You’ve done a cracking job there but you look like a Middlesborough t*rt.”

But insisting she wasn’t offended by her boss’ remarks, she added: “She wasn’t being like overly harsh or anything she was being right because my dress was too short for tele and my heels were too high.

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