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Solar eclipse horoscope: How will the Ring of Fire eclipse affect your zodiac sign?

The Moon will move directly in front of the Sun this Sunday, June 21, to form a powerful annular solar eclipse beginning in East Africa and end after crossing China, in the Pacific. This kind of solar eclipse is colloquially called a Ring of Fire due to the outer edge of the Sun’s circumference flaming around the edge of the Moon.

For astronomy enthusiasts, an eclipse is a celestial spectacle.

But for believers of astrology, it is far more than that.

People who follow horoscopes and astrology believe eclipses such as this leave an impact on zodiac signs.

Astrologers believe the effect of Sunday’s eclipse could be either positive or negative.

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Effects of solar eclipse on your horoscope:

Astrologically, a solar eclipse can be beneficial for some while it may bring adverse effects to others.

Few eclipses can bring in life-changing happy moments for some individuals like marriage, child-birth, a promotion, a new job or sudden progress in life.

While some may experience the worst phase of life like separation, the onset of illness, surgery or an accident.

When it comes to pregnancy, the expectant mother is advised to follow stringent guidelines for her and her baby’s health during a solar eclipse.

This is done in the hope of erasing any negativity or toxins extracted through the solar eclipse.

Numerous cultures continue to view eclipses as a bad omen.

In India, for instance, many people discard any food cooked during an eclipse in the erroneous belief it will become poisonous.

Fasting not only has religious significance but also a spiritual connection with the solar eclipse.

Some believe an eclipse can wreak havoc on the digestive system.

People, therefore, choose to avoid meals and practice fasting during a total solar eclipse.

The solar eclipse phenomenon is also considered to have psychological effects on people.

There are reports of increased agitation, unusual dreams, sudden bursts of creativity and even relationship difficulties during a solar eclipse.

And because it negatively affects the moods of a person, the eclipse phase is considered to be an inauspicious occasion to take big decisions.

The eclipse will only be visible to stargazers in the Eastern Hemisphere, meaning many people will miss out.

Fortunately, website Time and Date is hosting a live stream of the event.

Time and Date said: “Weather permitting, the annular phase of this eclipse will be visible from a narrow path passing through Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

“In many time zones, this eclipse will take place on the same day as the June solstice. This coincidence of an annular solar eclipse on the same day as the June solstice will only happen once again this century, on June 21, 2039.”


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