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Shoppers in favour of refundable deposit on drinks bottles to crack plastic pollution


More than 80 percent of people in a Populus poll agreed all beverage containers should be included in the Government’s planned scheme – up from 69 percent a year ago. Dr Sian Henley, lecturer in marine science at the University of Edinburgh, said: “The survey results show the British public supports the introduction of a deposit return scheme that puts the environment first.

“Making the deposit return scheme as comprehensive as possible ensures no materials will be left to litter our precious seas and coastline for generations to come.”

The Department for the Environment says we get through an estimated 14 billion plastic drinks bottles, nine billion drinks cans and five billion glass bottles a year.

And the 2,000 people quizzed were in favour of different deposits depending on the type of drink container.

They also wanted to see as many materials as possible recycled. Activists back the idea of different deposits. They argue a flat rate would see more bigger bottles bought – feeding the nation’s obesity crisis.

The Government has committed to introducing a deposit return scheme in England,Wales and Northern Ireland in 2023.

The Scottish Government will introduce its own version in 2022.

The Nature 2030 campaign, which commissioned the survey, said: “The Great British Public has spoken.

“Ministers have got the time to design a system that has the support of consumers across Britain.”


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