Selling Sunset’s Jason Oppenheim says finding a girlfriend is tough – as his glam real estate team vet potential suitors

SELLING Sunset’s Jason Oppenheim says finding love is tougher than ever thanks to his glamorous female real estate team who enjoy vetting potential suitors, the agent exclusively told The Sun.

The 43-year-old millionaire, who is the star of the hit Netflix show which centers around his company, The Oppenheim Group, with twin brother Brett serving as Vice President, is known as one of LA’s most eligible bachelors, with his co-workers often joking he will never settle down and get married.

The Oppenheim Group

Jason is known as one of LA’s most eligible bachelors, with the cast joking he will never marry[/caption]

And Jason admits he’s picky when it comes to women, and doesn’t feel pressure to find a long term partner, revealing he’s “happily single” since finding fame on the show.

He told The Sun exclusively: “I still am just running my life the way that I would always do it.

“But I’m more careful and selective now, it’s kind of pushed the doors in that regard, but most of the time I’m just watching Netflix at my house, working [and] I’ll go out with friends.

“I am not really someone who’s on dating apps and I don’t really date a lot anyway or enjoy dating.”

Jason isn’t short of female attention, however, as he regularly socializes with colleagues including Chrishell Stause, Heather Rae Young, long-time friend Amanda, and ex-girlfriends Mary Fitzgerald and Nicole, who made a rare appearance to marry Mary to her fiance Romain.

Jason admits: “There is a veritable gauntlet to go through because the women that are close to me are very protective of me, who are not shy about their opinions.

Chrishell said she was blindsided by Justin filing for divorce

“It’s not easy on me, I mean have a lot of pressure. If I’m out with a woman that my close lady friends don’t like then I really hear it, and I don’t want to deal with their opinions unless they’re positive.

“Between those five women, you can’t imagine the difficulty that I go through if I’m not with a really high quality date.”

While he’s been the guest at many weddings on the show, Jason has also been supportive of Chrishell after she was left blindsided when her husband Justin Hartley, star of This Is Us, filed for divorce.

Jason said: “Chrishell is a very professional, intelligent woman. She doesn’t need guidance from me on how to handle herself.

“That said we very much rallied around Chrishell, and we have become very close over the last year.


Jason and Brett are two of TV’s most famous brokers who have a glamorous team of real estate agents[/caption]

“It was difficult to watch someone you work with go through that, but even more difficult to watch a friend you care about go through that.

“And I cannot imagine a group of people more personally and professionally connected than we are.”

Jason admits while he’s proud of the show’s success, he worries about it becoming too popular and says his focus is on selling luxury homes and not on being famous.

“I never thought about being a celebrity in LA and I got used to being known,” he said.

“I did think recently that if this show keeps going, then there is [a] certain threshold where it stays enjoyable and I want to stay under that line.

“It is out of my control. There is certainly a level of success that this show could garner that could make things uncomfortable.”

Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald is also one of Jason’s ex-girlfriends who works at his office

Jason has to fend off interest from thousands of real estate brokers, mainly women, wanting to join his company.

He revealed: “We get hundreds of enquiries that are not legitimate, and we get hundreds of agents who want to get jobs as brokers.

“I get sent a thousand resumes a day in my email. I am trying to respond respectfully [to] everyone, but 90 per cent I dismiss.

“There was a lot of bulls**t before the show, now it is compounded with the show, but I protect my agents.”

The businessman – who just completed the sale of a $40m Hollywood home during the pandemic – believes the real estate market in Los Angeles will boom, despite the nation’s staggering unemployment figures and depressed economy.

Jason revealed: “People thought prices would dip in March and I actually wrote low offers on houses, but they were soundly rejected by everyone.


Orlando Bloom’s lavish hideaway featured in an episode of Selling Sunset[/caption]


The actor’s stunning former bachelor pad features a sunken seating area from the 1950s[/caption]

“And I received low offers for my clients’ properties and they were soundly rejected. A crash never materialized.

“I am more optimistic than some of my colleagues as I feel the luxury real estate market from $2m to $20m is going to  increase in volume and price in LA in the next two years.

“There is a lot of pent up demand. Anyone looking to buy or sell just put their plans on hand, we are already back, and with a vengeance.”

Jason has garnered a reputation on screen as a no-nonsense dealer, but he laughs: “I have rough edges, so I don’t take the time to soften things in the way I could.”

Included in his current portfolio of homes for sale are actor Orlando Bloom’s Beverly Hills home and Prince’s LA estate.

“I could be a little respectful of making sure I am not upsetting people – but I am succinct and terse in the way I deal with people.”

The Oppenheim Group

The star says he’s more focused on selling homes than being a celebrity, but he’s proud of the show’s success[/caption]

He is the agent for Bloom’s 4,000sq ft four-bedroom, four-bathroom home, redesigned by hotel guru Miguel Angel Aragonés.

“A few minutes ago Orlando called me and we chatted through numerous issues to discuss about his property,” Jason said.

“He is a very thoughtful and intelligent guy, and we get along. He asks questions – I give him answers, we talk through things. My clients appreciate that speed, the blunt answers and accuracy.”

Despite being pleased he has celebrity clients, Jason isn’t always a fan of working with them.

He added: “I would prefer not to deal with celebrities, because you often have to deal with their attorney, accountant and manager.”

“Many wealthy clients prefer I work with them, and not getting a two cents from everyone involved.”

The Oppenheim Group

This stunning Beverly Hills mansion was once occupied by the late pop icon Prince[/caption]

But he is so besotted with Bloom’s 1959 pad he’s even considering renting it for himself, should it not sell.

Jason revealed: “It is one of most exquisite homes I have ever listed.

“I like timeless architecture and that property is a contemporary version of a mid century masterpiece.”

Another listing is late pop star Prince’s $30m estate, a 18,000-square-foot spot with a six-level steel-and-glass home.

It includes a mirrored master suite, orchid greenhouse, rooftop garden, artificial beach for topless tanning and an indoor-outdoor lagoon that accessed a secret, sealed underground cave aerated with oxygen tanks.

And on top of that, Jason says a Cold War nuclear bunker is included.

“Prince did some pretty interesting updates – painting carpets, walls and the driveway purple,” he said.

The Oppenheim Group

The inviting pool at the home once rented by superstar Prince[/caption]


“The original owner put in a nuclear bomb shelter, so it is a unique property. There is some land and a property attached so it will need a unique buyer.

“I enjoy quality over quantity sales. I get very involved and have a high sales percentage. I like a very personal approach, to be involved and I really enjoy those puzzles.

“I feel thinking critically and creatively are the best attributes to being a real estate broker.”

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