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Romain Bonnet age: How old is Mary Fitzgerald's husband?


Selling Sunset returned earlier this year for its second series after making its debut on Netflix last year. The reality show follows the lives of those working at The Oppenheim Group which sells luxurious Los Angeles homes to their often famous clientele. Selling Sunset will be coming back for a third season in just a few months’ time.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Selling Sunset.

In the first season of Selling Sunset, Mary Fitzgerald introduced her boyfriend Romain Bonnet.

The pair seemed madly in love with one another and by the end of the show, Romain got down on one knee and proposed.

Clearly delighted, Mary said yes and couldn’t wait to show off her engagement ring to her friends and colleagues.

Little did everyone know though that the ring would lead to a massive row.

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Rather than a traditional diamond ring, Romain presented Mary with a moissanite ring which is similar in appearance.

Colleague Davina Portraz commented on how the ring wasn’t a real diamond, which upset Romain.

In season two, he said he didn’t want her to attend the wedding because of the comments she made and the pair had a major argument over the issue.

Romain and Mary got married at the end of series two of Selling Sunset.

Mary has a 22-year-old son called Austin who walked her down the aisle at the wedding last year as well as her father.

During an interview on Selling Sunset, Mary commented: “I did have him when I was very young, I was 16. I’ve been a single mum ever since.

“I don’t see Romain ever stepping in as like a father figure and Austin doesn’t need that, but they get along great.”

Mary’s first husband, Austin’s dad, passed away and her second marriage ended as it just wasn’t “the right relationship”.


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