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Rick and Morty theory: Did the original Rick die? Here's the evidence

Rick and Morty has already been confirmed for a fifth season by Adult Swim. The series was given the go ahead to make 70 more episodes in 2018 so fans will be seeing a lot more of the dimension-hopping granddad and grandson duo. A release date has not yet been announced though and could be delayed thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Rick and Morty season 4.

While many of the episodes of this sci-fi comedy are mind-blowing, the finale was equally so, if not more.

In season three, Beth was given the choice to make herself a clone so she could have adventures in the multi-verse while the copy would stay at home on Earth.

What Beth had decided was not revealed until the season four finale where fans were shown what actually happened.

Beth asked her dad to choose if she should make a clone of herself and, to avoid an emotional conversation, he made her unconscious and cloned her.

This would have been fine if Space Beth hadn’t of returned to Earth.

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In 2018, Screen Rant published a video entitled: “25 Rick And Morty Fan Theories That Will Make You Get Schwifty”.

The video highlighted some of the biggest Rick and Morty theories around, including the mystery of Rick.

Explaining a popular fan theory, the video said: “The character of Rick is such an enigma, that most fan theories out there centre around trying to better understand what makes the smartest man in the universe tick.

“But does anyone really know what Rick is thinking or even if he is the Rick we think we know? This fan theory asks just that question”.

Screen Rant continued: “What it [the theory] supposes is that the Rick we follow on the show, isn’t the original Rick from that timeline.

“They propose that the Rick that originally belonged in this universe actually died when Beth was young, rather than abandoning her.

“And the Rick that we know and love simply popped in and replaced him years later.”

So has the original Rick really been dead this whole time, with another version taking his place?

Rick and Morty is available to watch on Adult Swim.


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