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Property news: Renters’ searches for properties with bike storage surge due to coronavirus


“Since the lockdown came into effect, not only have we seen behaviour rapidly adapting to Home Walkthrough video viewings – but we can also see a pattern of desires coming to light in the search for a new home,” Aidan added.

“These include the need for additional space in the form of bike storage – so people can travel safely and minimise the need for public transport.”

The new data came just as research from Mintel revealed that more and more Britons are getting back on their bikes. 

The latest report found that 32 percent of non-cyclists would consider cycling in the future, while e-bike sales grew an estimated 40 percent in 2019. 

Mintel reported that bike sales were set to top £1billion by 2023 following the trend – but experts believe it could see a drop after the initial spike due to the anticipated recession. 

John Worthington, Senior Analyst at Mintel, commented: “The COVID-19 crisis and its economic impact have ushered in a period of unprecedented volatility in the cycling market. The crisis has provided a boost to demand in the immediate term, but bike sales are likely to fall later in 2020 as an anticipated deep recession bites. The likely repercussions of COVID-19 on cycling participation are complex. The UK lockdown is disrupting patterns of behaviour, which initially resulted in lower levels of weekday cycle commuting overall, but a boost to weekend leisure riding.”


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