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Prince William made 'very different' choice in Royal Family to prepare for role as King


Prince William is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and is married to Kate Middleton, 38. It is likely he will become King one day, and Kate will be the Queen consort. This is how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have already prepared for the roles.

Like many members of the Royal Family, Prince William was educated at leading establishments throughout his life, education expert and founder of Tassomai Murray Morrison said.

He told Express.co.uk: “With Prince William, Eton is a fairly conventional choice.

“Although his father, uncles and grandfather did not attend Eton College, it was reportedly under consideration for Prince Charles, and has the added benefit of being close to London and Windsor.

“As for the university of St. Andrews, where Prince William and Kate Middleton met, it has a superb academic reputation and a relatively high intake from private schools, but no specific royal significance.”


Although he went to a prestigious school and university, the choice was different to what has been done before.

Murray added: “The previous generation of royals – Prince William’s uncles – all attended Gordonstoun.

“It has a very different feel from Eton, not least because it is further from major cities and has a reputation for a more physical, outward-bound culture.

“Marlborough and Eton, both in southern England do not offer quite the same wild landscapes and remoteness, but they have tremendous reputations as schools, not only academically, but for sport, music and drama.”

“Schools like Eton, Marlborough and Downe House pride themselves on their students’ abilities to be adaptable,” Murray continued.

“There’s a very particular skill, not only in being comfortable in all situations, but crucially in making others comfortable.

“The skills tend to be well-honed in schools such as those attended by Prince William and Kate Middleton.

“This preparation will doubtless have contributed greatly to their ability to conduct their current and future royal roles.”


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