Peter Andre children: What can Peter expect of becoming a father again?

Peter Andre, 47, has previously spoken of how he wants another child before he turns 50. The singer has revealed how lockdown has brought him and wife Emily MacDonagh closer.

Peter and wife Emily, who have daughter Amelia, six, and Theo, three, together, have spoken of adding to their family.

Peter also has two children from his previous marriage to Katie Price; Junior, 15, and Princess, 12.

Peter announced the news to The Sun Online and said: “Here I was trying to get my head around the thought of having one more child, but then Emily throws a bombshell on me of having two more children.

He added: “So now I’m really confused about what she wants.”

Peter Andre children: How many children does Peter have?

“With his age and experience, he will be fully aware of the pressures of having children.

“That said, it’s extremely easy to forget how hard the first year can be.

“When a child hits that 18-month mark, memories of all those sleepless nights are replaced with the development of more agreeable routines and fun social interaction.”

He added: “In addition to the potential for his own surprises, it’s unclear how his older children will react.

“As he continues to extend his new family, he will need to be mindful of bringing his wider family along with him on this journey.

“If he doesn’t consult with them, they may feel as though he’s abandoning them, searching for a replacement family.

“This may even have the effect of driving a stake between his children and their stepmother.

“Having children is the most joyous and fulfilling experience imaginable, but will Peter Andre have remembered exactly what it’s like?

“And will he have the foresight to bring his children on this journey with him?”

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