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People from two households in England will be allowed to meet indoors but must observe social distancing


PEOPLE from two households in England will be able to meet indoors as long as they follow social distancing, it has been reported.

This is good news for families eager to reunite with their loved ones over dinner parties if approved by today’s Cabinet.

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Families in England may soon be able to have dinner with loved ones again [/caption]


Boris Johnson is expected to to sign off on the next easing of lockdown on Tuesday[/caption]

Unlike those forming “support bubbles” – where single individuals living alone can come within 2m of who they form their only bubble with – people will still be advised to avoid physical contact such as hugging.

Boris Johnson will meet with senior ministers and scientific advisers today to sign off on the next easing of lockdown.

It is understood Mr Johnson’s team of advisers remain cautious about allowing closer contact between people.

If the latest plans are signed off, as long as members of both households socially distance from one another then any two households in England could meet, according to The Times.

There would be no limit on the number of people who can meet indoors – as long as they only come from two households.

The PM recently announced a policy for “support bubbles” where people living alone can form a bubble with another household.

It means they are allowed to come within 2m of each other, hug, go inside each other’s homes and stay overnight.

Single people could include a grandparent living alone, or a single parent with kids under 18.

But it meant that grandparent couples were not able to bubble up and see their grandkids.

At the time, Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty said that limiting the policy to people who lived alone would cut the chances of the virus spreading further.

He said: “The reason for making the bubbles relatively specific is that reduces the risk that you’re joining together several households.”




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