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Parkinson’s disease symptoms: An early warning sign which affects the eyes and jaw

Parkinson’s disease is a disease which gets progressively worse over time, however, picking up on the warning signs and symptoms can allow for earlier treatment and better management. Dystonia is one of the signs you may be at risk. What is it?

Dystonia can affect people in a number of different ways.

Contractions in the muscles might begin in a single area such as the leg or neck.

Focal dystonia which begins in a person aged over 21, usually starts in the neck, arm or face and tends to remain focal or segmental.

The muscle contractions might occur during a specific action such as writing and may worsen with stress, fatigue or anxiety.

The jaw may also be affected.

A person may experience slurred speech, drooling or difficulty chewing or swallowing.

Oromandibular dystonia can be painful and often occurs in combination with cervical dystonia or blepharospasms.

The voice box and vocal cords can also be affected with a tight or whispering voice being the side effect. 


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