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Outlander theories: Was Claire actually born in the 1700s? Link to Jamie Fraser revealed


Fans of time-travelling saga Outlander will know there is not much known about Claire Fraser’s (played by Caitriona Balfe) mysterious parents. However, a theory about them has suggested they might have been able to travel to the past as well – and could have even given birth to Claire then. Here’s what you need to know about the theory.

Was Claire actually born in the 1700s?

Over the past few seasons of Outlander, Claire has settled into life in the 18th century alongside her longtime love Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan).

Viewers will remember how she first travelled back from 1945 to 1743 in season one, finding herself in the Scottish Highlands.

However, some fans have suggested this might not have been the first time she had ventured to the past.

A theory has emerged suggesting Claire’s parents may have also been time travellers and conceived Claire in Jamie’s time period.

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She revealed in an earlier interview how she does not plan to write any more about Claire’s parents in her novels.

In a post on The Lit Forum she wrote: “Basically, it comes down to who talks to me, and who I personally find interesting.

“I don’t find Claire’s parents interesting at all (not that they couldn’t be; it’s that I don’t care enough to try to dig into them), so you probably won’t get a novella about them.

“(I think people keep wanting one because they’re convinced that her parents were a) time-travellers (well, at least one of them had to be – unless they weren’t really her parents (but they were)), and b) knew that and c) were involved in some hair-raisingly dangerous adventure that involved them traveling through time, but (for no apparent reason) d) choosing to hide the fact by kidnapping a couple of strangers, assassinating them and setting their bodies on fire in the Beauchamp family car.)

“My personal impression is that they never knew they had the ability to time-travel, and were leading perfectly ordinary lives as a middle-class bank manager and a primary-school teacher who’d left teaching to raise her daughter.”


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