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Nifty guide shows EXACTLY how much beauty product you should be using – and you’re probably overdoing the cleanser


IF you slather your face in moisturiser or use tiny amounts of anything expensive to try and make it last – you’re probably using the completely wrong amounts. 

A handy guide has revealed the exact quantities we should be using for various beauty products, and most of us have probably been getting it wrong our whole lives. 


Hands up who uses the completely wrong amounts of their beauty products[/caption]

Beauty brand Mukti Organics shared a snap to Instagram, clearing up once and for all the various amounts we should be slapping on our faces. 

They outlined the correct quantities for cleansers, exfoliant, masques serum, elixir, eyes, moisturiser, oil and moisturiser with sunscreen. 

They captioned the snap: “Here is a little guide to help you with quantities and make sure your products last.⁣”

You should be using a healthy amount of cleanser, exfoliant, masques, and contrary to popular opinion – a good lashing of facial oil too. 

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The handy guide also doubles up as the order in which you should apply products [/caption]

And while you might be sparing with your moisturiser if you’re using two kinds – with and without SPF – the experts claim you need a good-sized amount of both. 

But you should only use tiny amounts of serum, elixir and anything to eliminate pesky eyebags. 

Hundreds of women have liked the post, thanking the team for sharing their expertise. 

And a few people also pointed out the guide also doubles up as a handy tool for the order in which you should apply your products. 

Hundreds of women have liked the post, thanking the brand for sharing their expertise

Commenting online, one beauty fan said: “Beautiful and so clever!”

Another noted: “The order! Although we’ve already got it down.”

A third wrote: “Very helpful and informative.”

While a third asked: “Hmm… so oil comes after moisturiser? I’ve always applied oil first then moisturiser.” 

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