Netflix fans in hysterics as ‘f***ed up’ new show Floor Is Lava ‘kills off’ contestants in gruesome ‘deaths’

NETFLIX fans are in hysterics at new game show Floor Is Lava, which “kills off” contestants with gruesome “deaths”.

Viewers can’t get enough of the programme after it premiered last week, with clever editing making it look as though unlucky contestants who fall into the fake lava never come back up.

Fans have been left tickled by the ‘deaths’

Inspired by a popular childhood game, Floor Is Lava sees teams compete in an obstacle course – but if they fall into the challenges’ surrounding bubbling, orange water then they are out.

With the water made to look like real-life lava, Netflix fans are obsessed with the way contestants scream and fully submerge into the unknown once they have fallen.

The official description reads: “Teams compete to navigate rooms flooded with lava by leaping from chairs, hanging from curtains and swinging from chandeliers. Yes, really.”

In spite of the relatively simple format, the new show is hugely popular and secured the number one spot in Netflix’s Top 10 list at the weekend.

Contestants have to avoid falling into the ‘lava’
� 2020 Netflix, Inc.

The game show premiered last week[/caption]

Taking to Twitter, one tickled fan wrote: “The Floor is Lava cracks me up lol. The way the people just disappear so perfectly under the water kills me”.

Another tweeted: “The absolute greatest part of Floor Is Lava on Netflix is they edit it to look like people who fall in never come back out, and just die there.”

A third joked: “So I guess the people who fall in on The Floor Is Lava just die? V dedicated for a Netflix show”.

One more wrote: “Kinda f**ked up how many people die in the lava on the floor is lava. S**t was just a game back in the day”.

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