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NCIS Los Angeles star drops major hint at The Masked Singer USA stint: ‘Maybe!’


Rumours surrounding the next slate of celebrity appearances on The Masked Singer have already kicked off. The next season of the Fox talent show is set to return this year, and a new interview with a star of NCIS: Los Angeles has teased an appearance from a major CBS actor.

Season 11 of the first NCIS spin-off was cut short by two episodes following the outbreak of coronavirus across the globe.

The specialist team, led by G. Callen (played by Chris O’Donnell) and Sam Hanna (LL Cool J), were just about to face off against the NCIS’ latest adversary, Argento (Juan Riedinger).

In addition to the series’ white-knuckle action, devoted fans have also been heavily invested in the office romances between some of the show’s main players.

Series regular Barrett Foa plays technical expert Eric Beale on the series, and NCIS viewers have enjoyed watching his relationship with girlfriend Nell (Renée Felice Smith) develop over the years.

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During a video chat on Andrew Freund’s YouTube channel, the NCIS star may have let slip some news about his casting on another wildly popular series.

After Barrett broke out into some spontaneous singing, YouTube host and TV host for both Fox and CBS shows Andrew Freund, suggested his talents could be put to use elsewhere.

He revealed: “Someone just said you should be on The Masked Singer. Have you thought about that?”

Barrett couldn’t confirm or deny the rumour, but stirred up speculation with his next comments after teasing an upcoming project.

Viewers would certainly be excited for The Masked Singer’s highly anticipated return to crossover with the world of NCIS.

Andrew’s interview with Barnett then touched on some of the show’s more confusing aspects, and may have let loose some trade secrets.

The host asked: “You ever see when they pull off the masks they’re all totally done up? Like, they look incredible.” 

To which Barrett suggested: “Do you think, right before the reveal, they take them off stage and then do them up again?”

Some viewers may be surprised to learn The Masked Singer isn’t shot live, so there would definitely be time to make sure the secret stars are looking their best before the big reveal.

During the thrilling third season, fans frequently took to social media pages of heavily tipped celebs such as Rob Gronkowski and Bella Thorne to ask if they were underneath certain costumes.

Although fan theories are often surprisingly accurate, the celebrities have to keep their lips sealed so it’s not surprising Barrett played coy with the idea of appearing in the next season.

The Masked Singer is hoped to return to Fox in 2020. NCIS: Los Angeles is available to stream on CBS All Access.


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