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Naga Munchetty hits out at Charlie Stayt in awkward on-air clash 'Are you not interested?'


As usual, BBC Breakfast hosts Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt took a look at the papers this morning and one image of some owls left the former rather confused. A viewer got in touch with Naga to explain what the image was showing but as she spoke about it on air, Charlie appeared uninterested which irked his co-host. The pair clashed over the insight the viewer had provided before dragging weatherman Matt Taylor into the argument in a rather awkward moment.

“I was confused about owls when I was looking at the papers,” Naga explained as she held up a newspaper article.

“I was confused about this owl, a picture from the Scottish Owl centre, and that owl is a Snowy Owl chick and it says that owl is opening it’s mouth wide to cool down.

“Charlie, the joy of being on this programme and having viewers that engage with us is that Sian has got in touch with me to tell me what it’s called.

“It’s called gular fluttering or panting and they open their mouths and puff their throats to cool off when they hot or stressed because they don’t sweat.”

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As Naga turned to Charlie to see what he thought about the remark, she noticed he wasn’t as excited as she was.

“Are you not interested?” Naga asked.

Charlie replied: “No it’s just that I kind of did know that. I didn’t know the first, what was the first thing that you said?”

“Well if you don’t know what it was called then you don’t know it, do you?” Naga hit back.

Matt looked rather awkward as he replied: “I knew none of this. Every day is a learning day for me, there you go.

“To me, that is just yawning like most mornings I think but it’s certainly a very calming image there Naga and Charlie.”

Matt jumped into the week’s weather forecast as he swiftly moved on from the disagreement.

However, when he finished the forecast, Naga continued with the discussion about the birds.


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