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My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney Way Thore rushed to hospital for panic attack after learning fiance impregnated woman


MY BIG Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore revealed she had to be rushed to the hospital after she found out that her ex-fiance had gotten another woman pregnant.

The reality Tv star had a panic attack so intense after Chase Severino told her about his infidelity.


Whitney Way Thore revealed she had a panic attack following her fateful conversation with Chase[/caption]

Whitney, 36, revealed on Instagram that she didn’t take the news of Chase’s infidelity too well – as it was expected.

In a check-in with TLC, Whitney revealed that Chase had asked to quarantine with her in Charlotte, North Carolina after she had found out of his infidelity.

She said: “We had been quarantined apart and he said he had something he really wanted to tell me and he wanted to do it in person.

“But at that point, I was already so nervous about what it was, I just asked him to tell me on the phone and he did.”


Chase had cheated on Whitney and was going to be a father[/caption]

“As of right now, I’ve only had that one conversation with Chase, I got off the phone pretty quickly because I needed to process it,” she told fans of the show.

She further explained that her ex-fiance has tried to get back in contact with her but she is “not at a place to be able to really talk about things.”


She revealed she hasn’t spoken to him since he told her about his infidelity[/caption]


Whitney has been quarantined with Buddy[/caption]

The ballet dancer then admitted that she had been “getting anxious” after she revealed the news about them breaking up on social media.

“And I actually had a really bad panic attack and I went to the hospital by myself. I called an ambulance because I was too scared to drive, so when I was discharged a few hours later – it was like 2 in the morning and I didn’t have a ride.

“I called Buddy and he drove from Greensborough to pick me up from the hospital and was just going to stay for a few days but he’s been here for six weeks now, which is good because I was back in the hospital two weeks later.”

She also explained that she felt “safe” with Buddy being around her.


The two got engaged months after dating[/caption]

Exactly one month ago, Whitney revealed that she and Chase were no longer engaged as he had cheated on her and was going to be a father.

Following the blowout, Chase was forced to turn off his comments on his Instagram as fans of the show swarmed to criticize him.

However, other fans of the show have claimed that their engagement was simply a storyline for the show.


Some fans claimed that their engagement was fake[/caption]

Some suspicious fans reckoned the announcement was far too laid back and unemotional to be for real.

A thread on Reddit added fuel to the fire when the writer claimed to have been on the same flight as the pair shortly after their engagement in Paris.

The user alleged that she noticed Whitney and Chase were not seated together on the plane – with Whitney sitting in first class and Chase sitting in economy – and appeared to go their separate ways once they deplaned.

Refer to Caption

Whitney has been showing off on social media lately[/caption]

Other users accused Whitney of faking the romance and said that Chase had a long-term girlfriend all along.

Their theory is that it was only when she fell pregnant that it became necessary to drop the charade.

Another claimed it was the tip of the iceberg on what isn’t real about the reality show.


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