Home News Mums are sharing a ‘parenting in lockdown helpline’ & it’s completely relatable

Mums are sharing a ‘parenting in lockdown helpline’ & it’s completely relatable


IF you’ve reached the end of your tether with homeschooling the kids and need to vent, you’re not alone. 

Mums are sharing a ‘parenting in lockdown helpline’ on social media, and it’s completely relatable.

Ronnie's Creative Design

Mums have been sharing a tongue-in-cheek phoneline which deals with parenting stresses[/caption]

By now most parents have probably cracked under the pressures of both teaching and entertaining the kids all day, not to mention the usual housework which still needs to be done.

So after numerous mums were raging about being stuck at home in the lockdown, designer Ronnie’s Creative made a tongue-in-cheek phoneline. 

It said: “Unfortunately, your phone-call is in a long queue.

“We receive a high volume of emergency calls, particularly during Home Schooling hours and meal-times, so please be patient and someone will be with you as soon as possible.” 

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If you’re at the end of your tether after entertaining the kids at home for weeks, you’re not alone[/caption]

There are 10 options on the list to choose from, ranging from questions about screen time to needing wine. 

Others relate to being trapped under a pile of laundry, as well as queries about video games. 

And it ends with: “If you are developing symptoms of Compulsive Amazon Ordering Syndrome – please hold to speak to one of our trained specialists.” 

Dozens of mums have likes the post and commented on it, claiming it’s completely relatable.

Dozens of parents have commented on the snap saying it couldn’t be truer

One mum said: “I think we can all relate!!” 

Another wrote: “Totally. But not just on lockdown!”

A third thought: “Spot on!!!”

While this  mum added: “So glad it’s not just me!!”

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