Mum reveals her simple tip for making sure bedding stays together & people says it’s saving them so much time

MOST of us know the struggles of changing the bedding, with the battle of getting the duvet inside the cover practically a workout. 

But before you can start stripping the bed you need to locate the matching covers and pillow cases, or simply give up and have mix and match sheets. 


If you’re tired of constantly searching for matching bedding, this tip could help you out[/caption]

If you’re tired of searching through the linen cupboard for ages, one mum has shared her nifty tip for keeping bedding together – and she’s been hailed as a ‘genius’. 

The Mrs Hinch fan revealed that when the laundry is done, as she folds it all away she puts the duvet cover and matching pillow case inside the second one, so she can locate a set within seconds. 

Sharing her idea to Facebook group to Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips New, she said: “Does anyone else do this…

“I fold up the bedding and put it inside 1 pillow case so I know where it all is.” 


People have branded the idea ‘genius’ – claiming it saves time and space[/caption]

Her tip has been liked hundreds of times, as people claimed that as well as saving time hunting for bedding, it also saves space. 

Commenting online, one person said: “Yip it saves a lot of hassle later, I even put the bottom sheet in with the duvet and then I have a full set for change over.”

Another wrote: “I do this cos I got tired of looking for matching pillowcases and it taking up so much room in my linen closet lol.”

A third said: “I only just started doing this after sorting out a very cluttered linen cupboard. It’s a fab idea and saves so much time.”

While this person raved: “Omg it’s taken me to 42 to discover this! Guess who’ll be doing this from now on!?”

Hundreds of people praised the idea, with some saying they put a bottom sheet in too

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