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Mum replaces her football-mad son’s bedroom floor with ASTRO TURF on the cheap & says it’s ‘life changing’


A MUM decided to cover her football-mad son’s bedroom floor in astro turf – and she’s called it a ‘game changer’. 

She revealed her son is athsamtic, so carpet was out of the question, and she thought wooden floors weren’t ‘cosy’ enough. 

Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks/Facebook

A mum revealed she replaced her son’s bedroom floor with astro turf[/caption]

But rather than use tiles or even floor stickers, the mum went for an unusual option – astro turf. 

The artificial grass has turned the bedroom into a mini-pitch for the Everton fan, which also features a blow-up football, a football-themed rug and washing basket – not to mention an Everton bed and wall stickers. 

Sharing the footie-themed makeover to Facebook group Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks, she said: “Seen one or two post about fake/artificial grass so thought I would share what we have done.

“We went with 12mm thickness as it’s a bit softer. The grass was easy to lay and we did lay it on top of underlay and we used carpet tacks to stick it down round the sides

She claims as he’s asthmatic carpet was out of the question, and floorboards weren’t cosy enough

“I mop and hoover it all the time, only down side is it noise to walk on but not enough that it would stop you from doing it.

“My son has a dust allergy and we felt wooden floors didn’t seem cosy this has been perfect for us!”

But it seems the rest of the family is football mad as well, as the mum added: “We used the left over grass for our downstairs loo round the mirror and back of the toilet!” 

Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks/Facebook

The Everton fan now has a mini-pitch in his own bedroom [/caption]

Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks/Facebook

The mum didn’t want any turf to go to waste so revamped the bathroom with the leftovers[/caption]

Hundreds of people have liked the sporty makeover, with one mum saying: “Love this idea, my son’s asthmatic so this would be perfect. What a fab room.”

Another wrote: “That’s wicked, what a great idea.” 

A third commented: “This is a brilliant idea. So much cheaper than green carpet.”

While someone else added: “That’s great.”

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