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Mum left disfigured after boyfriend, 39, bit off part of her EAR and beat her with a stick after row


A MUM was left disfigured after her boyfriend bit off part of her ear in a row.

Paul Freek, 39, used a wooden pole to beat Lisa Norris and sank his teeth into her during the attack.

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Lisa Norris was left disfigured when a boyfriend bit off part of her ear[/caption]

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The mum said the attack left her suffering from depression and anxiety[/caption]

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Paul Freek, 39, beat her with a wooden pole during the attack[/caption]

Miss Norris lost two cm of cartilage from her left ear following the attack at their home in Westhoughton, near Bolton, Greater Manchester.

Miss Norris told police: ”I cannot wear my hair in a ponytail anymore as I am worried about what people will think about the injuries on my ear.

”This assault has greatly impacted me and my life as I have suffered from depression and anxiety as a result and even struggle to leave the house.

“I have had months of sleepless nights and nightmares about how things could have gone terribly wrong.”


Freek, a manager for fuels firm Crown Oil, was convicted of assault and jailed for two years at Bolton Crown Court.

The couple had been in a relationship for about a year and moved in together around three months before the shocking incident on March 30 last year.

They had been drinking vodka at home before getting into an argument.

Prosecutor Phillip Hall said the violence started when Freek got on top of Miss Norris and punched her repeatedly in the face.

She then bit him on the ear in order to try and get him off her and she did so with such force that a piece of the ear came off.

Prosecutor, Philip Hall

Mr Hall said: “She then bit him on the ear in order to try and get him off her and she did so with such force that a piece of the ear came off.

“He then did the same to her and a bit of her ear fell off, and he bit her nipple.

”He then stopped and went to the bathroom to examine his ear and it was clear a bit of it had come off.

“He thought he would be able to stick it back on using blood as glue but he could not.”


Freek then got out a wooden pole and used it to open the windows before beating her around the head, and kicking and stamping on her when she fell to the floor

Miss Norris then blacked out.

She was operated on in hospital on April 5 for her injuries and given stitches and antibiotics.

The court heard that Freek also had “significant ear injuries” and had part of his ear removed.

He was arrested at home on April 3 where he was found hiding under a table.

Freek claimed Miss Norris started biting his ear and had taken hold of his testicles and he bit her in the ear in self-defence.

He had a previous assault conviction from 2015 when he twisted a woman’s arm behind her back during a row in a pub.

Sentencing, Judge Timothy Stead told Freek: “This assault was particularly serious. You left her particularly distressed and your offending has had a great deal of impact on her life.

“You were previously convicted of battery against a woman in a pub – it cannot be said you learnt your lesson.”

Freek was also barred from contacting Miss Norris indefinitely under the terms of a restraining order.

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Miss Norris said the assault had ‘greatly impacted’ her[/caption]

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She blacked out during the attack[/caption]

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Freek was jailed for two years and banned from seeing Miss Norris under a restraining order[/caption]

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He had a previous conviction for [/caption]


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