Madeleine McCann news: Suspect ‘will never talk to police’ amid claims he ‘performed sex act in front of sleeping girls’

MADELEINE McCann prime suspect Christian B allegedly boasted to a pal about performing a sex act in front of a room full of sleeping British girls.

The convicted sex offender told a close friend he crept into a holiday home in Portugal naked and started masturbating.

He fled when one of the teens woke up and began to alert her friends, it’s claimed.

Meanwhile, the suspect will never co-operate with the police, his lawyer says.

Convicted rapist and child abuser Christian B’s lawyer Friedrich Fulscher said his client would not help cops trying to find out what happened to the missing three-year-old.

“Before our client starts to co-operate with the prosecutor’s office, you could order holy water as a long drink in hell,” Mr Fulscher told the Sydney Morning Herald.

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