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Lucy Alexander: 'Winding me up' Homes Under The Hammer star cringes after Costa prank


Lucy Alexander, 50, who is best known for previously presenting Homes Under The Hammer alongside Martin Roberts for 13 years, was caught up in a prank after pulling into a Costa Coffee drive-thru today during the coronavirus lockdown. The BBC presenter told her Instagram followers how someone was “winding” her up.

Lucy, who has been documenting her days throughout the coronavirus lockdown, decided to venture out to a Costa Coffee drive-thru to get herself a Skinny Cappuccino.

However, the TV star revealed the prank one of Costa’s employees played on her earlier today.

In view of her 44,000 Instagram followers, Lucy shared a video with the caption: “Costa lady winding me up,” and could be heard asking from her car: “Could I please get a Skinny Cappuccino?”

To which the person replied: “Oh, we’re only doing tea, I’m afraid!

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The Twitter user quickly penned: “Not trying to be a killjoy but I went to see my parents today but didn’t hug them as aren’t we still supposed to be social distancing!?”

However, Lucy hit back and defended herself by stating: “Not if you’re in a ‘bubble.'”

The TV property pro was referring to one of the UK Government’s latest coronavirus lockdown guidelines which states that single adults who are living alone are now allowed to form a “bubble” with another household.

However, this new guideline does not apply to those who are shielding.

Lucy’s dad has been self-isolating alone following the death of Lucy’s mum in February, while Lucy lives with her husband Stewart Castledine and their two children, Kitty and Leo.

Lucy has previously opened up online about how she had a “little weep” while speaking to her dad on the phone ahead of their lockdown visit.

She wrote on Twitter: “I’ve just had a little chat with my dad who’s isolating alone.

“It’s hard for everyone who’s separated from family at this time. I know it’s the right thing for his own safety but I still have a little weep when we talk about mum and her passing and what we are most looking forward to when this is all over.”


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