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Little People’s Isabel Rock Roloff claps back at trolls who attacked her father for being a Chilean immigrant


LITTLE People star Isabel Rock Roloff has clapped back at trolls making racist comments about her Chilean father.

The 22-year-old slammed cruel online bullies who suggested that her dad should “assimilate” to the “American way”.


Little People’s Isabel Roloff has slammed racist trolls[/caption]

Isabel was targeted by trolls after she shared a photo of her parents in the ’70s and discussed her father’s heritage in a lengthy and emotional caption.

One troll commented: “This is what people used to do… assimilate to America and our American way, it’s not a bad thing. We should not have to assimilate to other cultures in our own country #usa.”

Isabel shot back: “America was founded by colonizers who stole the land from Indigenous people’s and enslaved Black people to build it…

“Every single person is an immigrant to this country originally if they are white and English is not this country’s native tongue. Try again.”


Some followers claimed her Chilean father should ‘assimilate’ to the ‘American way’[/caption]


The trolls lashed out when she shared a post about her parents’ heritage[/caption]

Another keyboard warrior wrote: “So he came to this country legally and not over the border as an illegal immigrant. Glad he followed the rules of the law.”

Isabel was quick to reply: “Correct, he came here ‘legally’ seeing as Chile ans the US do not border each other, he had to fly here using a plane.

“Very odd you brought that up, though.”

Clearly horrified at the abuse she’d been receiving, the reality star posted a screenshot of the trolls’s comments on her Instagram Stories with a facepalm emoji.


Her dad is from Chile and her mom was born in Iowa[/caption]

The Little People, Big World star – who recently settled in Oregon with her husband Jacob – opened up about how her father fled Chile to live in the US.

She shared: “My father. An immigrant from Chile, fled his country in the 60’s, as is commonly said, “to follow the American dream”.

“Growing up, he did not teach his children his native tongue of Spanish as he himself wanted to appear as American as possible so as to avoid racism and prejudices while living in this country.”


Isabel is married to Jacob Roloff, 23[/caption]

Isabel went on: “He has worked hard his entire life to make a name for himself in a country that continuously made it harder for him.”

“His career became a real estate agent where he has helped many Spanish speaking people find homes in a country that continuously makes it harder for them.”

She added that her parents “taught her to be outspoken” and to “be a voice for those whose voices aren’t being heard”.


They recently settled in Oregon[/caption]

It comes after Isabel vowed not to “censor herself” in terms of her political views amid the Black Lives Matter movement.

Her husband Jacob, 23, recently unfollowed his sister-in-law, Audrey Roloff, after slamming her for posting “police propaganda”.

He previously removed brothers Jeremy and Zach, as well as his father Matt – who he clashed with in the past.



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