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Lewis Hamilton laugh shared at F1 awards as Christian Horner seated at unfortunate table


Christian Horner was spotted sitting at a table sharing the exact same number as F1 rival Lewis Hamilton at last night’s Autosport Awards in London. The Red Bull boss was photographed at table number 44 as F1 fans joked at the hilarious coincidence.

The placard with Hamilton’s iconic number was sitting just to the left of Horner’s position but appeared to be right in his face due to the angle of the image. Hamilton has sported number 44 since F1 introduced the permanent driver number concept for the 2014 season.

Formula One fans took to social media to comment about the scenario with many claiming it had to be an intentional move. Twitter user @f1amani said: “IM SCREAMING!!! Horner’s table number at the Autosport Awards is 44. The event coordinator is def teamLH.”

@TWLuckock added: “Seating planner knew what they were doing.”

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Max Verstappen was awarded the International Racing Driver of the Year Award after cruising [double space] to his second title, After picking up the award, Verstappen said: “It has of course been an incredible season again winning my second title.

“Even though we had a bit of a rough start to the year I think we managed to turn it around really quickly so of course I have to thank the team for that. The team effort again this year I think has been better than ever.”

Red Bull’s RB19 also won the International Racing Car of the Year prize after picking up 17 wins in 2022. The car also secured the team its first Constructors’ Championship title since 2013 as they blew away the competition.

It’s the sixth time Red Bull has won the accolade which was accepted on-stage by technical officer Adrian Newey.




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