John James Parton’s incredible transformation from wannabe model in Big Brother to tattooed Love Island Australia hunk

JOHN James Parton has had girls falling at his feet ever since he arrived as a bombshell on Love Island Australia.

But back in 2010 he looked totally different before he transformed his entire look.

John James Parton, 32, stars in Love Island Australia

The 34-year-old DJ has been showing off his ripped body as he lies around the pool in sunny Majorca.

But ten years ago he was new to the reality TV scene and looked very different with bleached blond hair.

His style has dramatically changed too. While he often wore hoodies in Big Brother, John James dresses smarter in T-shirts and shirts.

John James was just 24 when he entered the Big Brother house.

He has changed his looks over the years

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He looked totally ten years on Big Brother[/caption]

He hadn’t worked since his dad was tragically killed in an industrial accident and had inherited money.

The aspiring model fell in love with Josie Gibson inside the house and the pair dated for a year outside of the show.

Things came to a bitter end when Josie accused him of cheating on her.

John James went an islander in 2018 when series one of Love Island Australia first aired in 2018.

As the UK Love Island has been cancelled for the summer of 2020, the Aussie version is being aired in its place.

Channel 4

In 2010 he had long, blond hair[/caption]

He’s now got a whole new set of fans who were too young to watch him on Big Brother.

So far they’ve been impressed with his rock-hard abs and tattooed physique. He also ditched his trademark blond locks for a shorter and darker hairdo.

John James explained he had been modelling and DJing for eight years while on a date with Cassidy.

Tonight he was voted the third hottest islander after the girls copped a feel in the latest challenge.


John James works as a DJ now[/caption]

He’s been showing off his impressive abs

Standing behind a screen, the girls touched the guys’ muscles, abs and legs to rate who had the hottest body.

Despite John James being a fan favourite, it was Eden who finished in first place – and he flexed his muscles to celebrate.

Millie said it was the worst possible outcome, because “his head doesn’t need to be any bigger”.


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