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Joe Wicks: Why is PE with Joe Wicks not on today?


For the past 13 weeks fitness coach Joe Wicks has been keeping children across Britain and even the world moving with his daily workout routines. During lockdown, the star known as the Body Coach has been running 30-minute exercises sessions on YouTube which are free to watch. However, after 13 weeks, today (Tuesday, June 23) will be the first time he won’t be doing a video – here’s why.

Why is PE with Joe Wicks not on today?

Joe has confirmed he’s going to be cutting down his sessions as schools across Britain tentatively start to re-open.

On Friday, June 19, Joe announced to his viewers, he would be paring back his lessons to three times a week rather than the five lessons he was doing.

Speaking about his decision, Joe said: “Thank you so much for taking part. I’ve loved every single day of this.

“I’m not giving up. I’m just reducing the timetable. Next week, I’ll be back Monday, Wednesday, Saturday at 9am.

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“So, you can always do a family workout together on the weekend.

“On the days that I’m not here, you can come back to any of the workouts on the channel and find something for you that’s five-minute workouts for kids, there’s eight-minute workouts for children, there’s beginner, intermediate and advanced ones for adults.

“There’s so many workouts on this channel, so keep using it. Stay fit all year round and thank you for your support.”

Joe did his final workout dressed in a bright Spider-Man costume as he bowed out.

News of the workouts spread like wildfire with people from across the world joining in live online, including viewers from America and even Australia and New Zealand.

Joe appeared on CNN to talk about his lessons as he inspired American children to take part as well.

Even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said they might even try the workouts after hearing others talking about them.

Over the 13 weeks, over 70 million people have tuned in for Joe’s videos and has raised more than half a million pounds for the NHS.

He also shared a short video on his Twitter page with his 413,000 followers, thanking them for the past 13 weeks.

Along with the video, he wrote the caption: “A look back on 13 weeks of PE With Joe.

“What a journey we have all been on together. Thank you for being a part of it with me.

“I’ve loved every single moment of it. Never give up, always believe in yourself and keep turning up.”

P.E. With Joe is available to watch on The Body Coach YouTube channel on Monday, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9am


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