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James Jordan and Ola Jordan share 'scary' moment with baby: ‘She was coughing and choking'


Former Strictly Come Dancing stars James Jordan, 42, and his wife Ola Jordan, 37, have opened up about their worries for their baby daughter Ella after she suffered from reflux and had to be rushed to hospital a couple of months ago. James explained the couple went through another “scary” moment with their baby today when she suddenly started “coughing and choking”.

Speaking about the frightening experience alongside Ola in their latest Hello! Magazine column, James said: “Today when we fed her she was sat in her bouncer and we were talking to each other, then we turned back to the baby and she’d thrown up all over herself, bless her. 

“We do all of the right things, we kept her up for a long time, burped her, but she still threw up on herself!”

The Dancing on Ice winner then admitted Ella’s digestion issue is “not really getting better” following the ordeal.

He continued: “It’s not really getting better. Today was quite scary because she was coughing and choking again. 

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“I was patting her back trying to get her to cough it up but that’s when it’s scary because all babies throw up a bit here and there but when they’re choking it does scare you.” 

His other half Ola also added that she has reservations about some advice they have received from their family doctor about the unfortunate situation.

Due to Ella’s problems with reflux, their doctor has recommended that she can start eating baby food at four months.

However, Ola explained her worries that this contradicts other guidance, explaining: “They say by the book it’s supposed to be six months but the doctor said we can start it earlier.

Elsewhere, James spoke out on social media earlier this week after learning of the death of legendary snooker player Willie Thorne, who lost his battle with leukaemia at the age of 66.

The Legendary snooker player was originally taken to hospital last week with dangerously low blood pressure and was placed in a coma at a Spanish hospital, before his passing.

The dancer paid tribute to the star, who he had met when he took part in Strictly in 2007.

Willie was a contestant on the fifth series of the BBC show and was partnered with Anton’s du Beke’s professional partner Erin Boag.


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