I’ve got four kids under four and lockdown has almost broken me – I’m constantly tidying and I hate this new life

A MUM admitted she feels there’s “finally light at the end of the tunnel” as she revealed how she survived coronavirus lockdown with four children under four-years-old.

Charlotte Lewis, 29, from Essex, gave birth to twins Orla and Zac, now 14 weeks old, on 6th March and is already mum to three-year-old Ava and two-year-old Mia.

Charlotte Lewis

Charlotte Lewis admits that lockdown “almost broke her”[/caption]

The mother, who is currently on a career break from the Metropolitan Police and living in Redditch, shared an honest Facebook post revealing how she feels accomplished to have survived 12 weeks.

She wrote: “I feel like there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel, I can’t believe I’ve survived lockdown with 4 children under 4.

“I had twins at the start of lock down and already had a 2 and 3 year old.

“Does anyone else feel accomplishment that they’ve actually survived over 12 weeks not being allowed to see anyone or do any of the normal things we used to do??”

Charlotte Lewis

Charlotte gave birth to twins Orla and Zac, now 14 weeks old, on 6th March and is already mum to three-year-old Ava and two-year-old Mia[/caption]

The post has now raked up over 30,000 likes and hundreds of comments, with strangers across the country praising Charlotte’s hectic mum life.

The mother admitted it’s been tough not seeing any family or friends after giving birth to the twins – but says she has coped by taking each day at a time.

Although she insisted that she “hates” this new way of life, Charlotte said her organised routine has kept the family-of-six going.

She said: “When Boris initially announced lockdown I broke down and started panicking. I thought how on earth can I do what he’s asking?

Charlotte Lewis

The mum-of-four says she “hates this new way of life”[/caption]

Charlotte Lewis

Following a c-section with the twins, Charlotte said she was left “feeling horrendous” 48 hours after birth[/caption]

“But I’ve just taken each day at a time which has been the best thing to do as it’s helped me get through it but some days I thought I’m not going to be able to do this and other days I felt content.

“It was usually dependent on how the day was going with the children!”

Charlotte gave birth to twins Orla and Zac at the beginning of March and although she had natural deliveries with no pain relief for her first two children, she had a c-section after labour for her new arrivals.

She described it as the ‘worst experience ever’ as she was terrified of needles and was left feeling horrendous for the first 48 hours after giving birth.

She said: “Whilst I was in hospital recovering my partner got a sickness bug so I discharged myself and went home to look after the girls.

Charlotte Lewis

The mum says she has missed the routine of visiting playgroups with Ava and Mia [/caption]

“The twins stayed in hospital for 2 weeks and I stayed in for a week. It was awful as I felt we didn’t get to bond properly.

“I just went to visit them once a day for a couple of hours as the hospital was 40 minutes away.

“The only benefit was I was able to catch up on sleep. After getting over the initial pain I felt I healed quite quickly and was back exercising after 6 weeks.”

After settling into a new routine of looking after four children under four – Charlotte admitted life was noticeably different from being a mum-of-two.

Before lockdown, Charlotte enjoyed morning play groups with her two toddlers and had a balanced routine without ever feeling the need to be stuck indoors all day.

Charlotte Lewis

The mum has been desperately trying to find ways to keep her older children entertained [/caption]

However for over 12 weeks, the mother has been desperately trying to find things to entertain the girls all day.

She said: “The most challenging part has been not being able to socialise or see friends or family and having to pretty much live the same life everyday with no variation.

“As well as trying to keep the children entertained constantly without going to play groups.

“We moved 3 hours away to this area to be near my partners family just before lock down. But after all this we have now decided we are going to move back to Essex to be near my family.

Charlotte Lewis

Not only has Charlotte had to occupy her two little girls during lockdown but she has also had to adapt to taking care of the two newborns[/caption]

“Lockdown has really emphasised what’s important to me.”

Not only has Charlotte had to occupy her two little girls during lockdown but she has also had to adapt to taking care of the two newborns.

Luckily the twins have slept well since they came home from hospital and Charlotte’s partner does the night feeds while she wakes up at 6am with them every morning.

She said the night feeds take around 20 minutes but she has been sleeping better by sleeping in another room.

She said their team effort definitely keeps them going but managing the household is a constant battle.

Charlotte Lewis

Charlotte says she doesn’t think there have been any positives to coronavirus lockdown[/caption]

She said: “Cooking – I’ve done as normal with breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. I give the girls their breakfast at about 7am and I feed the twins whilst they eat that.

“Lunch I just do as normal while the twins are usually asleep or chilling on the play mat and dinner is the same.

“If I’m planning to do a roast or something that takes more time I try to prep it all whilst the twins and Mia sleep. I think the key is being organised and one step ahead!

“But with cleaning – I’m in a constant battle and tidying up all the time.”

Charlotte admitted she doesn’t sit down from the moment she wakes up to the moment they all go to bed and feels general tidiness is practically impossible to keep on top of.

She does at least two loads of washing per day and tries to time food shopping with the twins and Ava while Mia sleeps at home.

The mum said she is lucky her partner is able to work from home and runs his own business so can help out.

Charlotte also revealed she doesn’t think coronavirus lockdown has had any positives.

She said: “I read some people’s posts on Facebook saying that they now appreciate things they never did before.

Charlotte Lewis

She says that lockdown has been particularly tough for people with children[/caption]

“But I honestly hate this new life that’s been created. Lockdown has been difficult for everyone all over the country for all different reasons.

“But I think it’s especially tough for people with children as there is no escape and every parent takes on their own struggles as well as the little ones.

“I do believe younger children are resilient but I feel guilty everyday that they are missing out on so much that they used to do in their old life.

“I really feel for those parents that are having to homeschool as well. I don’t know how they do it!”

Charlotte’s candid post about motherhood received a great response online and said she was overwhelmed to get such lovely messages from strangers.

She described people as kind and supportive and enjoyed reading about other families in similar situations as it made her feel she wasn’t alone.

Charlotte said she is glad the UK is starting to come out the other side of lockdown and life is slowly changing.

The mother, who shares her life on Instagram page @themazurtribe_, said she has been using fitness to stay calm and especially loves doing PE with Joe Wicks with her toddlers.

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