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Inside UFC legend Joe Rogan’s luxury £4m mansion including wine cellar and pool with picturesque views over hills


UFC commentator Joe Rogan goes from cage to castle when he’s not working for the fighting organisation.

The 52-year-old has become almost as popular as some of the scrappers and even has his own podcast where he gets into the nitty-gritty of the sport.

Joe Rogan shelled out £4m for this wondrous property back in 2018
Waking up to views like this every day wouldn’t be a bad thing
This is the superb wine cellar in the California property

But when the hard work is done, at least he gets to go back and relax in his £4million California mansion.

Rogan bought the sprawling property back in 2018.

As well as six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a stunning swimming pool the far-from-humble abode has sprawling mountain views.

One of the hot features of the property is a giant wine cellar that stores bottles of wine in rows across the wall.

Joe Rogan has become one of the most well-known faces in the UFC – and he’s not even a fighter
The open-plan mansion is bright and airy
Having a swim in the morning would leave peaceful thoughts
There’s plenty of room for entertaining in the 8,720 sq ft property
The views from the mansion are dreamy

A restaurant-style table is there to have a sit down while doing your own wine-tasting evening.

It’s little wonder Rogan can really afford untold luxury in life.

The Sun reported last month how he had signed an exclusive deal with Spotify worth a reported $100million (£82million).

The 52-year-old American’s podcast The Joe Rogan Experience will only be available through the Swedish streaming service from September.

Rogan can enjoy life’s luxuries after signing an £82m deal with Spotify
After a hard day’s interviewing, Rogan gets to relax here
There’s plenty of room for the UFC commentator to invite round a few fighting buddies
As night falls, the stunning beauty of the mansion from the exterior comes out to the fore

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) boasts 190million downloads a month, according to Rogan, and is currently available across a range of platforms.

The show typically takes the form of hours-long chats between Rogan and A-list comedians, sports stars, actors and even the odd politician.

Up until now, the podcast had never been available on Spotify, let alone exclusive to any one platform.

Under the new deal, the JRE will arrive on Spotify on September 1. By 2021 it will be housed there exclusively and wiped from all other platforms.

Rogan began his podcast in 2009 and has gone from strength to strength in the decade since.

In 2019, The Joe Rogan Experience was the world’s most popular podcast, earning £24m in revenue, according to Forbes.

Born in New Jersey, Rogan has performed stand-up since 1988 and worked as a commentator and ring-side interviewer with the UFC since 1997.

Joe Rogan discusses all sports on his now-legendary podcast
It’s a case out out the cage and into the castle for the 52-year-old
The stunning California home was bought for a cool £4m by Rogan in 2018


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