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Indians use Winnie the Pooh to taunt ‘lookalike’ President Xi over border clashes after China banned cartoon bear


INDIANS have used Winnie the Pooh to taunt “lookalike” President Xi over the border clashes after China banned the cartoon bear.

Fears of a war between the two nations have escalated after India claimed its soldiers were “mutilated” after being beaten to death by Chinese forces, report India Today.


Indians have used Winnie the Pooh to attack President Xi[/caption]


Tensions of a war between India and China have escalated following the “mutilation” of soldiers[/caption]

India and China have been feuding over the disputed Aksai-Chin border since the two countries last fought a war in 1962 – and this week’s violence saw the first fatalities since 1975.

At least 20 Indian soldiers died in the fighting which took place with improvised weapons.

Bats spiked with nails and wrapped in barbed were were reportedly used – with one Indian official describing the Chinese force as a “death squad”.

Both countries claim the border as their own and each have accused the other of overstepping the de-facto border known as the Line of Actual Control.

Indians have already taken to the streets to burn posters of President Xi but they have now used to Winnie the Pooh to poke Beijing, report News 18.

AFP or licensors

Fires are set as fury mounts over the bloody border clash[/caption]

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A Chinese flag is torched during the protests[/caption]


Mentions of the cartoon bear with a love for honey are reportedly blocked on Chinese social networks amid comparisons with President Xi.

The Chinese government consider comparisons as a “serious attempt to undermine the presidential office and Xi himself,” report Global Risk Insights.

President Xi and then U.S. President Barack Obama were compared to Winnie the Pooh sauntering next to pal Tigger in 2013.

If a person sends the picture of Xi and Obama next to Pooh and Tigger in a WeChat group, others in the group chat will not see the picture, report CNN.

Results are not displayed if a search for Winnie the Pooh and President Xi is made on social media platform Sina Weibo.

Another popular meme compared President Xi shaking hands with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to a picture of Pooh with gloomy donkey Eeyore.

When President Xi popped his head out of his limo to inspect troops, he was once again compared to Pooh popping out of his toy car.

The 2018 film Christopher Robin, starring Ewan McGregor, became the second Disney movie to be denied release in China amid the Pooh crackdown, report The Hollywood Reporter.

It was reported in November 2018 that Shanghai Disneyland would remove all references to Pooh in the “near future”, report The Theme Park University.

If this was to occur, meet and greets with the character would have to be scrapped and two rides would have to be renamed.

Due to the well-documented censorship of Winnie the Pooh in China, Indian Twitter have used the hashtag #WinniethePooh to attack China amid the border struggles.

Famous comparisons of President Xi and world leaders with A.A. Milne characters have resurfaced.

In a similar way that U.S. President Donald Trump referred to the coronavirus as the “China virus”, one user went so far as to call President Xi “Winnie the Flu“.


President Xi and Barack Obama were compared to Pooh and Tigger in 2013[/caption]

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Beijing take offence at their leader being compared to a bear with very little brain[/caption]

A meme comparing Xi to the cartoon bear
Aron Larsson

A meme comparing Xi to the cartoon bear. Images taken without permission[/caption]

Getty – Pool

Xi and Shinzo Abe were compared to Pooh and Eeyore after a tense handshake[/caption]

One user poked fun at Xi by comparing him to Pooh's little toy car

One user poked fun at Xi by comparing him to Pooh’s little toy car[/caption]



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