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Holby City: Kian Madani’s secret past ‘exposed’ after he leaves Jac heartbroken

One asked: “#HolbyCity What are those pills Kian keeps taking?”

“Where’s Kian actually going through? What about Jac? Also, should he really be driving the number of pills he’s taken lately? #HolbyCity,” questioned another.

A third agreed: “I’m really concerned about Kian…#HolbyCity.”

“Kian, get rid of those pills before something really bad happens #HolbyCity,” wrote another. 

But, if Kian puts himself in danger due to the unknown substance, will he leave Jac heartbroken when she realises what he has been hiding from her?

Viewers know Jac is always wary of trusting others and after Kian disappears, she could well do some digging into his past – but what will she discover?

Holby City airs Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC One. 


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