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Help a student support a women's shelter


A high school student in Clinton County started making cloth masks as part of a senior project but now she wants to use her sewing skills to help out her community.

LOCK HAVEN, Pa. — Carolina Carpenetti, a senior at Central Mountain High School, made cloth masks in May for a woman’s shelter as part of her senior project.

“I had a goal of 50, and that is when I worked out how to make a mask and like the kinks, trial and error, and I donated all of those to the Clinton County Women’s Center,” Carpenetti said.

However, she didn’t stop when her project was finished. 

Carolina and her mom Alison Carpenetti started a campaign called “Sew to Slow.” 

The campaign’s goal is to create 1,000 cloth masks for her community.

“It’s good to help out the community, and it feels nice to help people out, so I just thought, why not keep going,” Carolina said.

“I knew when she was making the first 50 masks, that she was really enjoying it and I think she saw a real need in the community because when she had those masks, a lot of people were requesting masks at the time, so it was good timing,” Alison Carpenetti added.

So far, she has created more than 400 masks.

“Most of them are for businesses in need, such as nursing homes and churches, because a lot of them are coming out and doing services again,” Carolina said.

Most of the money for supplies has come out of her own pocket, but now she’s asking the community for donations to help reach her goal.

“After I make my 1,000 masks and I use all the money that is needed for those 1,000 masks, I am going to donate the leftover money to the New Love Center in Jersey Shore,” added Carolina.

If you’d like to donate to Carolina’s “Sew to Slow” campaign, you can check out her GoFundMe page.

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