Home News Heartbroken Gemma Collins claims beloved cat Twinkle died of coronavirus

Heartbroken Gemma Collins claims beloved cat Twinkle died of coronavirus


HEARTBROKEN Gemma Collins says her beloved cat Twinkle has died of ­Covid-19.

The 39-year-old believes her beloved moggy contracted the killer virus before being put on a ventilator and passing away later that day.

Gemma Collins has opened up about the death of her beloved cat Twinkle

Her claims follow a report this week from the University College London which raised fears that cats could bring about a second wave of the virus.

Gemma’s revelations come a month after rescue puss, Twinkle, died last month at the age of 25.

Gemma said: “Twinkle died in quarantine.

“I was so upset about it – I think she had Corona. She’d never had breathing problems, and it was just so weird how she died.

Gemma shared a heartfelt post on Instagram dedicated to the 25-year-old cat

“I took her to the vet and it was so awkward because of Corona, I had to leave her on the boot of my car in a box and I just said to the vet please keep her alive.

“And then he called me two hours later and said he’d put her on a ventilator and she’s died.

“I was so upset, honestly, I couldn’t speak for about two days.

“But I can’t wait to see Twinkle again because I feel like me and that cat had a bond.

The reality star says she thinks her pet died from coronavirus

“Maybe it makes me get through the passing of her death easier but I do feel like I’ll see Twinkle again in heaven. It gives me comfort.”

In April, cat owners crashed the British Veterinary Association website after it appeared to suggest the UK’s estimated 10.9 million cats should be on curfew during the coronavirus outbreak.

The association was forced to clarify that only cat owners who are self-isolating with symptoms of coronavirus should keep their pets indoors, after a study found cats can spread the virus.

And eight weeks ago researchers at Harbin Veterinary Research Institute in China found that cats are highly susceptible to Covid-19.

Gemma rescued cat Twinkle 22 years ago

It also said they were able to transmit the virus through respiratory droplets to other cats.

The findings followed several reports that various cats globally have died from coronavirus.

Collins says she thinks she will see Twinkle again once she is in heaven

The ex-Towie satr was recently spotted out shopping in London’s West End[/caption]

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