Ghislaine Maxwell latest news: Jeffrey Epstein accuser claims she had sex with ‘mystery prince’ in court documents

ONE of the Jeffrey Epstein accusers revealed she had sex with a “mystery prince” in the bombshell court documents.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre claimed that she spent the night with a man she did not know the name of – but later alleged that the royalty in question is Prince Andrew.

The Duke of York has denied any wrongdoing, but Ms Giuffre revealed in the unsealed documents that he whispered “sweet nothings” to her and kissed her neck while dancing at London’s Billionaire Playboy’s Club.

She wrote: “I would just giggle not really knowing how to reply to an ageing man with a bad smile and terrible moves.”

This follows after the Epstein accuser also claimed in the 2015 testimony that Ghislaine Maxwell had girl-on-girl orgies on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Paedo Island’ in the Caribbean and the British socialite had “very large breasts”, also describing her pubic hair.

Ms Giuffre said Maxwell – who has denied any wrongdoing – had sex with underage girls “virtually every day” she was around her.

One document read: “The island was a place where orgies were a constant thing that took place.

Describing what took place in the Caribbean, Roberts said: “One occasion stands out. Models were – I think they were models – were flown in.

“There were orgies held outside by the pool. There was quite a few girls and it was – excuse me, if I’m saying this in an inexplicit way…girl-on-girl action.”

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